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Discover the Real Cause of Financial Issues
Did you know that managing your money does not have to cause stress, frustration and discontentment?

One of the key aspects of this book that makes it so remarkable and life-changing is that it answers the critical question, “Why do I spend money the way that I do?”

Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul starts with an astonishing revelation, “Most money problems are not money problems at all.” The book will help you to discover the real cause of your money issues and overcome them through Bible-based principles.

Author Dr. Vicky Spring Love wrote the revolutionary book, Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, to take the mystery out of managing your money so you can achieve true financial victory.

She is a financial expert that has spent over 25 years personally researching and implementing its strategies. Plus, thousands of buyers of the book worldwide have attested to its life-changing effect on their personal lives and finances.
"In Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Vicky Spring Love presents one of the most profound, yet simple approaches to
this essential subject.... I encourage anyone who wants to have
a fundamental perspective of the issue of finances to peel the wisdom from these pages and experience the fruitful life and prosperity that results from applying these time-tested precepts of God."
Dr. Myles Munroe, Best-Selling Author and Speaker
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Book Dispels Myths About Money
With incredible insight and brilliant simplicity, Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
will teach you:
What motivates you to spend your money the way you do

How to overcome destructive money habits

The real purpose of money

How to be a better steward of God’s resources
The key that unlocks prosperity
The true purpose of tithing
5 critical things you must do to prepare for financial increase
Specific forms that you can use immediately to set up a budget

Pain Free strategies for sticking with a budget

A powerful step-by-step plan of action to get out of debt
Little-known strategies for improving your credit score
Techniques for setting and achieving your financial goals

How to calculate how much life insurance you really need

Simple office supply store tools that will ensure your success
How to have true contentment in your finances every single day

About the Author

Dr. Vicky Spring Love

Here’s Why Dr. Vicky

Can Help You

Achieve Financial Victory
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Over 25 years experience as a financial expert

Successful business owner with several business ventures

Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, was selected as the textbook
for the Finances and Stewardship class at Destiny School of
Ministry, with 34 locations worldwide.

Contributing editor to, along with
Joyce Meyer, Dr. Myles Munroe, Bishop Eddie Long,
Dr. Creflo Dollar and others.

Anointed to teach financial victory

Powerful teacher of both the supernatural blessings of God
and the natural responsibilities of the believer

Sought-after speaker for conferences and retreats

Associate minister at Family Victory Fellowship

Doctorate of Religious Education degree

Master of Business Administration degree in Finance

Married for 28 years and mother of two adult children
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Stop Robbing Peter to Pay
The Book That's Changing Lives Around the World!
Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul is written for people
from all walks of life, just like you. Its worldwide impact is life-changing. Here's what others have to say...
"Wow!!! Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul is a hidden gem. The way in which Vicky blends the Scriptures with real life principles and practices is masterful. I found myself highlighting about 80% of the book, the information was so profound and fruitful. Vicky, you nailed it!"
Ken Brown
Award-winning author of A Leap of Faith, Entrepreneur & Success Coach
"I'm reading your book, Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. It is fantastic! It's just what the Lord ordered for me at this moment in my life. I think you've done a phenomenal job. It's fabulous, it's dynamic, it's accurate, it's truthful, yet it's kind. To be honest with you, I could not put your book down. I read it from the acknowledgements all the way up to page 60 without putting it down!"
Johnny Hawkins, Attorney
"I believe when you're serious about truth, God will give you insight. Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul is practical, insightful and truth. Its foundational truths, when applied, will set you well on your way to God's financial freedom. I especially thought the point of the tithe not just being God's but 'holy' was awesome! I would tell anyone, why not apply the principles? You have nothing to lose and God's best for your life waiting to overtake your finances."
Jill R. Anderson, Government Analyst
“AWESOME, SPIRIT FILLED BOOK!! I finished reading the book a week ago!! I have been so busy telling everyone to order it that I forgot to tell you how phenomenal your book is. Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul is a Bible-based guide on being a better steward of God's money. It's an easy read! I am going to recommend it to everyone I know!! Thank you for such a great work!”
Yvette St.Clair, Smyrna, Georgia
"God bless you for opening our mind to know how God wants us to be in financial blessing that we can be able to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and save lives. Thank you for Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul."
Kossi Leo Dougba-Maglo, Wiesbaden, Germany
"Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul deals with practical spiritual principles on finance. In order to deal with any problem effectively, you have to cut the root. That is exactly what this book does! The first few chapters explain the root of the problem and the rest help you to re-root and start growing into a spiritually prosperous person. I love the book and the principles, it has changed my life!"
Betina M. Small, Senior Paralegal
ISBN: 978-0-9746883-2-9 -- $19.95
ISBN 978-0-9746883-2-9 -- $18.00
"I have seen your book, Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, on the internet and I know I need this book, not just for myself but for many more Christians. The book excerpts I have read interested me so much that I have shared them with several members of my church."
Kenneth Mora, Zimbabwe
"This book is great! I tell everybody about it. Generations of debt were broken in my life by the words of this book."
Norman Shuford, Real Estate Investor
"Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul gives good financial advice and it is Biblically sound so it's edifying. Everybody should read this book -- both the Christian and the non-Christian -- they will prosper from this book!”
Richard Brewster, Auto Worker
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Book Excerpts
"A friend of mine, Stephanie (not her real name), used to always come to church dressed in designer clothes every Sunday. Everything matched from head to toe and it was all very expensive.... God began to show her that she was really using her overspending to make up on the outside for what was lacking on the inside. On the inside, Stephanie felt dirty and unloved because she had been sexually molested as a teenager."
Chapter One - Your Mindset Motivates Your Spending
"This world is full of get rich quick schemes designed to make you feel you can obtain riches and wealth overnight with little effort on your part. These schemes are contrary to God's plan. God's plan for prosperity is ..."
Chapter Three - Beware of satan's Devices
"When you set financial goals, it gives focus and purpose to your income. Your desire is not just to pay current bills but also to make progress towards your goals. ... Because money tends to be an explosive issue, some couples have decided to not deal with it by keeping everything separate. And they are frustrated because they can't ever seem to get ahead. You are more likely to have considerable waste in your budget when there is no accountability."
Chapter Seven - Pain Free Budgeting
Break the Spirit of Debt, Build a Great Credit History,
Are You an Owner or a Manager? The Key That Unlocks Financial Blessings, Preparation for Prosperity, Debt Busting Strategies
Some of the Other Chapters
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Thank you for your overwhelming support of this book. To God be all the glory!
Vicky Spring Love
Copyright 2007 Vicky Spring Love. All rights reserved. Contact: Email:
Address: Victory Jubilee Publishing, P O Box 3286, Southfield, MI 48037. Phone: 248-354-3686
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